Hybrid Matrix

Printed circuit boards (Printed Electronics) with classic electronic components

Fields of application

  • Lighting fixture

  • Lighting of rooms, lift cabins, etc.

  • Illuminated advertising and running displays (moving forms)

  • Signpost

  • Stagecraft

  • Loudspeaker

  • Books

  • Advertising material

  • Sensors


  • thin, flexible LED display with integrated control

  • Individual arrangement of light points without changing the layout

  • Individual light colours and brightness

  • Internal or external power supply

  • Activation of the lighting function by brightness sensor

  • modular interconnectable (cascadable buttons)

  • Flexible and wirelesss


  • Weight and space saving

  • Flexible in use

  • environmentally friendly and sustainable (no etching)

  • can be produced on different substrates (e.g. paper) and on standard electronics production lines

  • Production process optimised according to the number of pieces (sheet to sheet or roll to roll)

  • Freely programmable lighting programme

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