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The challenge

Infectious diseases are one of the greatest challenges facing the global health system. To date, there is no suitable primary care instrument for determining the source of infection. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed as a precautionary measure, although they are not effective in treating viral infections. Decisions are based on the results of a blood test at the doctor's and laboratory diagnosis. The duration of one to several days makes it difficult to start treatment quickly. PoC desktop instruments provide quantitative results in minutes, but are expensive and not suitable for diagnostic tests that require multiplexing.

The solution

A cost-effective, quantitative electrochemical diagnostic test strip (biosensing platform) for the identification of bacterial or viral infections as the basis for rapid and adequate treatment.

  • Increased diagnostic differentiation of bacterial or viral infections.

  • Short time (<10 min) until the result of the blood test in medical practices.

  • Due to NFC connectivity, no special reading device is required.

  • Small size of the biosensor system (86x54mm).

  • Small sample volumes (<50μL whole blood, taken from the fingertip).

  • Low cost production of environmentally friendly disposable test strips on newly developed paper.

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