About tagtron

We have the spirit to create something new and to cross borders. From the layout on the computer to the finished product.


Production experience, commitment and development know-how make us a reliable partner


We treat other people with respect and goodwill. As a dedicated team, we solve complex tasks together to achieve the best possible results for our customers

History of tagtron

Gutenberg revolutionised society in 1450 with modern letterpress printing. Today, the tagtron team sets new standards with functional printing. "High-tech printing" is a cost-effective and resource-saving process that opens up completely new possibilities.

In detail:

2010 Decision within kb-endlos towards the development of printed electronics
2011 First printed electronic products for the advertising sector
2012 Development of various sensor systems based on printed electronics
2014 Start with OÖ. Medical technology research project Screening 2.0 in cooperation with FFG
2015 Start FFG project Pioneer: Biosensor technology for medical technology
2016 Foundation of EPI GmbH (Electronic Printing & Innovation)
2017 Start with EU project H2020 Impetus: industrial production of biosensor technology
2018 Start with EU project H2020 iHeCoBatt: Sensors and actuators for e-mobility batteries
2020 The owner DPI ends its involvement in EPI
2020 New foundation with new investor under the company name tagtron gmbh

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about us 


about us

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